Lean Management Game


Learning by doing. That is the purpose of the Lean Management Game. Experience the potential and energy of Lean Management. Play the game and choose your solutions towards optimising processes.


To participate no specific education or background is necessary. Just bring your common sense and an open mind. We welcome you if you are a manager, specialist or novice. You can be working in healthcare, local government, production or service industry. Anyone can participate in the Lean Managment Game.


Work as a group and find the best suitable solutions. Get into the game and experience first hand how the principles of Lean Management can change the way we look upon constraints. Work together and improve your business process.


We facilitate the introduction of the Lean Management Game on your business location. In addition we can even help you in arranging an external location. Play the game with up to 25 participants simultaneously. Feel free to get in contact and discuss any other alternate possibilities.


Learn in a playfull manner how to use the principles of Lean Management. Step by step improve your business process. Transform a traditional organisation into a succesfull and lean company. Try various solutions and discover powerfull improvement tools to use in your own organisation.


Nothing works better than having fun together. The Lean Management Game is is an eye-opener for every participant and is an extraordinary way of working 'out-of-the-box'.

We guarantee a big smile for everyone!

Lean Management Game

Participate as a team and discover the full potential of Lean

How do others look at Lean Management Game?


The Lean Management Game to me truly was a real eye-opener. It is engineered in such a way that you are actively participating and it shows you perfectly that with a Lean point of view you can achieve so much more. Jeroen de Kuijer turns out to be an exceptionally good gamehost and an excellent consultant. I will easily recommend the Lean Management Game to anyone.

Sander Bungener -ICT Manager Nidera


Jeroen's Lean Management Game was an invaluable experience that made deep impact. In a relatively short and entertaining session I was provided with eye-opening insights into how organizational efficiency can be massively improved. A must for any organization that would like to transform from (less than) good to great.

Ernesto Spruyt - Co-Founder and Chief of Growth at Mobbr


Drizmo’s are the basis for an energizing day of play. Jeroen takes the participants by the hand and leads them into the world of Lean Management and confronts everyone with its own choices. This game gives every participant the needed focus to reflect and leads teams to start improving their business processes. Jeroen has in his hands the perfect tool to show what changes in behaviour should accompany process improvement.

Vincent Simjouw - Teammanager Juridische Zaken Gemeente Tilburg


The way Jeroen presents and guides the Lean Management Game brings about enthusiastic reactions from participants. He can explain complex process constraints and is very clear in achieving the learning objectives of the game.

Marc van Schuppen - Wethouder Gemeente Best


Jeroen brings a clear message by means of a thoroughly engineered game that surpisingly shows participants in how to really improve their organizations.

Jurgen Picocrie - Founder QBIC media

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Are you setting up your internal programme to improve your organisation or are you trying to facilitate your business procesess?

Discover the possiblities of using the Lean Management Game as your personal instrument to enhance the power and impact of your programme. Avoid the hassle of continuously using external consultants to give your programme a boost. Use our train-the-trainer module and have your programme team facilitating the Lean Management Game in your own organization.

Feel free to get in touch to discover the possibilities that fit your situation.

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